Thursday, February 02, 2017

498 - 114 Brexit Vote At Westminster.

Now is the time to hunt down every one of the non-democrats in the 114. They should become targets for extra campaigning to dump them unceremoniously from office.
Are treason charges possible, I wonder? - They are certainly appropriate!

Respect To George!
In the debate, ex-chancellor Mr Osborne admitted he had 'sacrificed' his career in support of the Remain campaign and warned the negotiations to come would be difficult.
He warned it is 'unfashionable in schools these days' to teach what he believes is a 'true tale' of Britain's history, including Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, the Founding Fathers of the American constitution, the Great Reform Act and female emancipation.
He went on: 'We have given the modern world a version of democracy that has spread far beyond our shores.
'And therefore to vote against the majority verdict of the largest democratic exercise in British history I think would risk putting Parliament against people, I think it would provoke a deep constitutional crisis in our country, I think it would alienate people who already feel they are alienated, and I am not prepared to do that.' Mail.
'So I will be voting for the Bill tonight.'

Sausage Of Extreme Quality.

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