Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cocky, Hubris - Laden MPs?

Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.         
THE Article 50 vote in the House of Commons shows the ordinary populace of the UK, with devastating clarity, those MPs who respect the results of the democratic vote delivered by the British people in the EU referendum, and those MPs who consider the opinions of the majority of British people to be of no consequence whatsoever.                                                 
 The consequences for those MPs ignoring the wishes of the ordinary folks in their particular constituencies will be either deselection or defeat, come the next General Election. Ordinary folk in our country do not take kindly to the cocky and insulting presumption by those MPs who voted against the Brexit Bill that they know what is good for their voters better than their voters know themselves.                                   The arrogance of these MPs is astounding and merely demonstrates that they do not represent the views of the majority of their voters but only their own grossly mistaken personal opinions. To these MPs, it would appear that democracy is of no importance whatsoever, particularly as their own views take precedence over the opinions of the vast majority of their constituents.                                                   Come the next election fortunately, many of these MPs will be defeated and lose their obscene salaries and their ego boosting privileges as they pay the price for ignoring the vast majority of British voters. Yorks Post.

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