Friday, February 03, 2017

Lib Dems Must Learn The Meaning Of The Word 'Democracy'.

Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield. Yorks Post.
IT appears that Kamran Hussain of the Lib Dems (The Yorkshire Post, January 28) fails to grasp the irony of his approval of Parliamentary sovereignty to invoke Article 50 on the one hand, with his enthusiasm to destroy Parliamentary sovereignty by keeping the EU in control of the UK on the other.
Parliament only draws its legitimacy from the sovereignty of the people of the UK. That is the essence of democracy.
That is why the vote to leave is a mandate for Parliament to implement the leave decision. Yet the Lib Dems are so desperate to keep our nation under the thumb of the EU that they are exhibiting the same cynical duplicity which they employed to triple student loans. They are shameless.

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