This week has seen worldwide outrage against President Donald Trump and his temporary ban on people entering the United States from seven mostly Muslim countries.
There have been demonstrations across the globe and a petition here trying to stop the President’s State visit to the UK has been signed more than 1.8 million times.
As an observer of international politics for many decades, I b That said, I am utterly appalled by the behaviour of many of those who are condemning Trump.
Most egregious is the hypocrisy of the leaders of many EU countries, including Angela Merkel and her cheerleaders among the British liberal elite. Their hypocrisy turns my stomach.
For the truth is that their anger over the new President’s ban is outrageously two-faced.
Let me spell out the facts. Many European politicians treat migrants — and, in particular, Muslims — more disgracefully than they are being dealt with by Trump.
For example, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, wants to build a ‘massive’ fence to stop refugees crossing into his country from the East. He calls migrants ‘a poison’ that Hungary ‘won’t swallow’.
Why hasn’t he been subjected to the kind of chorus of opprobrium from those European liberals who greeted Trump’s move to tighten America’s borders? Why have fellow EU leaders not shunned Orban as a racist and a xenophobe?
Instead, he is seen as a valued colleague and friend. His Fidesz party is in the same political grouping in the European Parliament as Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats. They work together at European summits, planning a common strategy.
Yet this man is much more bigoted than Trump. But do we ever hear talk of banning Orban from travelling to Brussels?
Was there a whisper of dissent when he visited London in November to see Theresa May? Does Nick Clegg make strident Commons speeches about the pernicious Hungarian?
Of course not.elieve that Trump’s move to ban certain Muslims from travelling to the U.S. is inept, morally wrong and, above all, a propaganda gift to violent Islamic organisations such as Isis and Al Qaeda.