Friday, February 10, 2017

Top Fish And Chip Shop - Are They 'Avin' A Larf?

Read all about it and two things immediately stand out:-
1)'Sustainability' was a vital part of the judging. Now I'm not going to write against that as a concept - far from it - but how can that be part of your assessment criteria?
Quality of the meal is the most vital issue.
2) Judging by their photo - the fish and chips have been cooked in some sort of vegetable oil. THAT WILL NOT DO AT ALL!
If chips, and fish in particular, are not cooked in beef dripping - there is little point in eating them. Below is what fish and chips SHOULD look like.
Fish must NEVER be golden yellow but always golden brown.
We have fish shops in Sheffield cooking in the traditional way making a fortune because of the quality of their product.
Near our house, we have a fish and chip shop which must only be keeping going because it does an above average kebab and moderate chips.
It has changed owners at least four times during its short life and there are never queues.

Were it to cook in beef dripping, there would be lengthy queues. But there aren't. People around here want the real article - or nothing. 

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