Monday, May 15, 2017

Excellent Point On Brexit - But The Proof Of The Pudding ... And All That.

SEVENTY years ago, we were emerging quite battered from World War Two, and the whole country needed regenerating. When our men returned from the war, new housing and hospitals and our industries had to be rebuilt, probably in excess of 300,000 houses were built. And thankfully technology has advanced. 
Now we need regenerating again, no thanks to the EU and their open door policy and the lax border controls. Even Ed Miliband confessed that immigration was out of control. Because Labour did not do their sums the excess of migrants was far beyond our expectations for our housing stock and hospitals, schools and prisons. Now given time, it is up to the this Government to rebuild. 
Use your vote wisely. Theresa May is a determined Prime Minister, she is the person best suited to guiding us out of the EU.
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