Thursday, June 08, 2017

A Strange Election.

This has, indeed, been a very strange election for me. For the first time in many years I have not been involved in any form of campaigning whatsoever. I have not even written a single letter to the Press. (Those who know me will readily testify to how bizarre that is!)
I must confess that I now want to see a huge Tory majority - and if that delivers 'a great Brexit' then they will have earned another shot in 2022 as their reward.
However, if May & co let us down - then, and probably only then - will a Ukip resurgence take place.
I care about the UK - so, the best possible Brexit far exceeds - in the short term, at least - our need to see Ukip climb back from the depths to become a major, political force once more.
Even more strangely, I currently welcome the fact that Ukip votes are largely being used to stop the evil that is Labour from taking any solace from today's result.
The final poll has suggested a Tory lead of 74. Time alone will tell!

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