Tuesday, June 13, 2017

As Long As It All Goes Directly To The Needy.

British charity sends 40 TONNES of flour to North Korea despite ongoing nuclear threats.

NORTH Korea is set to receive 40 tonnes of British flour from a UK charity, despite the hermit kingdom refusing to stop provocative nuclear threats to the West. Kim Jong-un and children

Kim Jong-un has always been keen to present himself surrounded by happy citizens
Manna Mission of Europe, a UK registered charity, is due to make a six–day visit to the hermit kingdom and provide food to impoverished children.
The charities website states their main purpose is to “help children, often orphans, in Pyongyang”, whilst opening bakeries in the country.
Kim Jong-un has repeatedly tested missiles with an aim to developing a nuclear–tipped rocket which could hit the US mainland, while the North Korean people continue to suffer.
By THOMAS HUNT, Express.
My feelings here, could hardly be more mixed. I want the hungry to eat but fear that every penny this evil leader saves will be directed into even more aggression and persecution.

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