Friday, June 09, 2017

Election Result.

As sure as night follows day, the Brexit process has been heavily damaged by the return to a hung parliament in this vote which, again, made pollsters look like total numpties.
I do not criticise Mrs May for the original decision to hold the General Election - and on the upside, it potentially keeps the left out of direct power for five years. Even so, the onset of an early election at some point now seems inevitable.
We have to ask why this happened at this point and there seem to be three basic answers:
1) For reasons unfathomable, Mrs May, and not Red Corbyn, got the blame for the two terror attacks in the runup to the election. Insanity from many voters.
2) Labour managed to get the inexperienced, freshly-propagandised-by-the-left-young-people to turn out, for once.
3) Theresa and co committed electoral suicide by attacking the elderly - and were punished by 'the grey vote'. Her volte face made little difference as these people felt roundly betrayed.
The gamble failed but I do not see any figure amongst the Tories capable of doing a better job considering the numerous factions within that party.

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