Monday, June 05, 2017

General Election: Lesser Evils.

I have long despised Tories - they of the tough sounding promises, made when out of power, which turn into soft, liberal left actions when in power.
BUT, now, our nation is in the horrendous position of choosing between greater and lesser evils.
It is not situation ethics which leads us when Christians have to make choices of this nature - but downright common sense.
Yes. The Tories are odious - but there is so much about the Labour Party today which is nothing less than evil.
Corbyn and his terrorist-adoring cronies MUST be defeated.
Vote Ukip where you can - but if it really is a straight fight between Labour and Tory - it really has to be the latter who take your vote.

Gove In 'Overkill' Mode?

Wood-burners and bonfire BAN on Britain’s homes as new pollution crackdown prepared.