Sunday, June 18, 2017

I Do Not Like Tories But ...

I do not like Tories very much and I feel that the jury is very much out on the Prime Minister - in any number of ways.
BUT, I do hate unfairness. How on earth did Theresa and the Tories get the blame for the two latest terrorist atrocities?
HOW do Theresa and chums get blamed for the Grenfell catastrophe? - It is clear that there were, in fact, sufficient fire appliances in spite of fire station cuts. All blame currently points towards the killer-cladding.
(Emma Dent-Coad is the new Labour MP for this area. She has been in situ since June the 8th - maybe she is partially responsible!?)
If you have to cast blame - at least, choose the correct perpetrators for the correct errors!
Blame the firm that used cheapo cladding; blame Theresa for her shocking election performance; blame Theresa for being an awful Home Secretary; blame the Tories for the arrogance that they so wantonly displayed during their campaigning.

Blame? - I am quite prepared to do it - but let's get the right targets, shall we?

The Golden Rule.