Thursday, June 08, 2017

Knock Offs.

I recently bought a pair of sports vests in a Spanish market. I paid little attention to them - they are vests which fit  - end of. But I finally noticed that the red one had a polo pony and rider logo after it had been twice through the wash.
Apparently, this is the Ralph Lauren brand. (I had to look it up.) 
Having paid a mere 5 euros - I must possibly assume that this is a knock off. (Am I now an accomplice to crime, I wonder?)
I checked on RL prices and found that their vests cost an extra £31 on what I had paid. That seems to confirm that mine is not the genuine article - SHOCK, HORROR, MIXED UP FEELINGS INSIDE.
I am actually qute happy with my vest - it will give me years of use.
How will this have cost Ralph Lauren anything? The terminally UNfashion-conscious, sensible people comme moi would never spend stoopid money like that - and those who would will still do so for the warm feeling that wearing an expensive brand so inexplicably gives them.
I suppose some would knowingly buy a knock off because they can't afford the real thing - but again - what's the big deal?
I remember a magistrate training session some 15 years ago where reps from branded companies came to berate us for not ordering hanging - complete with drawing and quartering - for anyone daring to sell knock offs.
Their arguments were unpersuasive then - and remain so today.

It just about deserves to be an offence - but I must confess to being fed up with all the gangsters of fashion.

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