Monday, June 05, 2017

Letter From My Mancunian Friend, Randall Hardy.

Dear Friends,

Monday, it  is two weeks since an Islamic terrorist carried out a suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena following a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. A wave of emotion spread through the city, the nation and around the world. 

Though I no longer live in Manchester, it is where I was born and
spent much of my adult life. In the light of that I have added a new item to my blog which I believe offers several considered reflections on how society can
understand and respond to such events.

You can read it at:

There are also several PDF versions (with a selection of font sizes) linked
from the bottom of that page.

Occurring as it did in the run up to a General Election, this bombing has had a significant impact on British society. No doubt yesterday evening´s attack in London by what seems to have been a group of Islamic young men will also leave
its mark as the authorities try to solve what is a very difficult issue. 

Again we are witnessing the inability of secularism to understand the challenge of Islam, never mind knowing how to respond to it. I have therefore updated my Relevant Reprises page with articles from my archives which are relevant to
present events. That page now links to the following three essays:

11th September 2001 - A Clash of Two Post-Christian Cultures? [2001]
Who Rules - Man, Allah or Christ? [2001]
Do Nations Reap What They Sow? [2015]

They can be accessed via:

I hope you find my latest post helpful. Comments and questions are welcome as always.

Finally, can I remind you as previously that if you know anyone else who would like to receive future alerts directly, please ask them to email me at

In Christ