Monday, June 12, 2017

Pakistani Man Sentenced To Death.

Pakistani man sentenced to death for sharing content about prophet Mohammad on Facebook.

A COURT in Pakistan has sentenced a man to death for comments he made about the prophet Mohammad on Facebook. In an unprecedented legal sentencing, 30-year-old Taimoor Raza was found guilty at a court in Bahawalpur of committing blasphemy online.

Mr Raza was arrested last year after a man he engaged in an online debate with about Islam revealed himself to be a counter-terrorism agent, according to defence lawyer Rana Fida Hussain.
Speaking before the sentencing Saturday, Mr Hussain said his client was innocent and would appeal the conviction.
The ruling is a further step towards a nationwide shutdown of online dissent in Pakistan, where unproven allegations of blasphemy have already led to violent mob lynchings.

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