Thursday, July 13, 2017

Money Grows On Trees.

Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield. Yorks Post.

IT concerns me and, I believe, a host of others, at the constant call for more and more money to be thrown at problems that are exaggerated in the context of the country’s overall situation. 
Special interest groups, who are past masters at gaining access to a hungry media, are the ones who create the greatest volume of noise and they are usually aggressively backed by left-wing zealots who would never consider how the money they attempt to extract is created by a printing machine at the Royal Mint or in the vast acres of Britain’s money tree orchards. Stealing from other people’s pockets has become an art form in the human rights business – political correctness is a potent source for justifying this haemorrhaging of taxpayers’ lifeblood. We constantly hear the plaintive calls for new government interventions and regulation that calls for costly bureaucratic hierarchies to be set up. Very often the fundamental reason for the problem arising in the first place is some sacred political cow. The most lethal weapon of Jeremy Corbyn and most of the left, as well as the rising influence of the under-25s, is the word “austerity”; it is almost a meaningless cliché but it not only acts as a battle cry for the economically illiterate but saves them from having to put forward any logical argument. Very few can see it is their persistent demands for more public money to be shovelled into the ovens of social self-indulgence that cutbacks have to be initiated in vital wealth-creating schemes such as a Hull to Liverpool railway link, a road tunnel through the south Pennines from Sheffield to Manchester (the Snake Pass A57 – a national disgrace not to have been short circuited before) and so much more. And, of course, the overpowering debt (Gordon Brown’s legacy of overspending, for example), now £1.7 trillion, wrought by the wasteful profligacy I’ve already cited, inhibits the possibility of satisfying the very issues eventually that the Left and young people’s lobby champion.Read more at:

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