Friday, July 07, 2017

More Slimy Behaviour From Iran.

An Iranian pastor has just paid a high price for refusing to obey official orders about how he should run his church – he’s been given a ten-year jail sentence!
Almost a month after his hearing, Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz has learnt he’s been declared guilty of ‘evangelism’, among other charges. Two Christians on trial with him – Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari – also face long prison sentences, on charges which included ‘acting against national security’.
Please pray that God’s peace will fall afresh on Pastor Victor, Amin and Hadi.
The three men appeared in court on June 11 – two-and-a-half years after Victor and Amin were arrested at Pastor Victor’s house in Tehran province on Boxing Day 2014. Hadi was arrested last August at a picnic in Firuzkuh, along with Pastor Victor’s son Ramiel.
Judge Ahmadpour has now sentenced Victor to ten years’ imprisonment, Amin to 15 years and Hadi to ten years plus a two-year travel ban. They plan to appeal.
In a further blow, Pastor Victor’s wife, Shamiran Issavi, has now been charged with ‘participating in foreign seminars’ and ‘acting against national security’. Both she and her son Ramiel are released on bail and are now awaiting trial.

Boris: Joining Common Market/EEC/EU Was A 'Deadly Mistake'.

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