Monday, July 17, 2017

Statins? - NO Way!
Researchers from around the world, including the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, conclude there is 'no consistent evidence' that the cholesterol-lowering drugs boost survival.
Statins provide no benefit for pensioners who are at low-risk of heart disease, research suggested back in May.
The cholesterol-lowering medication was also found to have no impact on reducing deaths of any kind in the study conducted at the New York University School of Medicine. 
Adults over the age of 65 who are prescribed the pills, which cost less than 6p a day, are more likely to die than those who were helped into changing their diet, the research adds.
Rates of cancer were also found to be unaffected, despite recent trials showing a slight benefit of taking statins in various forms of the disease.
It comes as a growing body of evidence collated over the past few years shows the science behind the pills to be 'fundamentally flawed'.

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