Saturday, July 08, 2017


With certain eras and exceptions and corruptions put to one side as being atypical, Christianity promotes peace and love at its core.
Even when off track from this and the need for a 'loving Saviour' has not been properly promulgated, any pause to examine the Scriptural facts will reveal the reality of a loving God - reluctant to punish - who paid the price of all of Mankind's sin Himself.
It is a religion which embraces truth, reality and personal fulfilment.
Now this is offensive to the left who are either wholly faithless, or alternatively, who choose to dilute the Absolutes of Scripture to make it totally unrecognisable.
Interestingly, that same left who attack this vision remain almost completely silent when it comes to the multiple abominations attached to Islam.
Explain to me how, for a rational being, apologism for Islam can ever be adopted and Christianity rejected from someone on the spiritual sidelines.

If such a double standard can be taken on without evidence of the work of The Enemy - I really must admit that I cannot see how.

Grenfell - One Year On.