Saturday, July 15, 2017

Why Is The Top Middle, Published in A Major Newspaper As A Joke, NOT Racist?

What if that had said: Scottish, Pakistani, French, Irish - or possibly Moslem - or black?
The customary double standards, will still obtain - especially amongst all of those 'right on' comedians who constantly make such jokes against Americans.
Me? - What do I think? - I do not care one jot if people make English or British jokes - but please allow me not to be persecuted if I should tell any joke not seen as PC by the leftist thought police.
Have we suddenly become a better world with what the PC crowd have to offer? - Indubitably, not!
Where I would have to agree is when any such jokes are told with malicious intent. Why is this not the measure? And I certainly do not mean desperately trawling the depths to try to prove such a thing! For pity's sake you lefties - grow a thicker skin!
But then. Where do we find all the bitter and twisted jokes today? - Yep. You got it - from those self-same leftist comedians.
Isn't it wonderful for them to be on 'the correct side' of a double standard?

Grenfell - One Year On.