Saturday, August 12, 2017

Leftist Folly Must Be Countered.

Once again, I turned to modern comedy - desperate for a laugh - only to hear mockery based on leftist values.
This time, as on many times before, we had to listen to that old socialist chestnut on immigration - 'We need migrants to do the jobs British workers will not do'. A good quote to make me very angry.
This may well be the reality of the situation but it is deeply immoral for any government to have permitted such a situation. Moreover, if you inherit such a situation - it should be tackled immediately.
People must not be allowed to turn down job offers with impunity! If you get a job you hate - do it until you can find a more suitable one. Simples.

(There are usually vacancies in the hotel industry.) Festering on benefits whilst you pick and choose is completely unacceptable. It is unfair to the millions who do not enjoy their jobs but have sufficient personal pride to want to avoid being associated with underclass values.
And what about those farmworkers which the country must have for seed-time and harvest, do I hear you ask? You cannot use those who might be incapable of doing the job, can you?
- This is all correct, of course. Short term visas are the answer! - BUT farmers and agencies must learn that they have to accept responsibility for all of their temporary workers.
(Once again, NO worker who remains illegally should ever avoid deportation!)

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