Saturday, August 12, 2017

Old Facts - Almost Identical To The New Facts.

Dear Editor,
The ‘IN’ campaign have spent the last year claiming the EU represents excellent value for UK taxpayers. Last week the EU Court of Auditors released its annual report – here are a few examples of what it revealed about EU spending:
–  A youth club that may not actually exist was given €16,500.
– A €250,000 euro grant was used to pay staff for hours they didn’t work, and give them bonuses that they weren’t entitled to.
– In just one member state €152 million in animal welfare payments were found to be ineligible.
– A €4,000 mountain bike, a €10,000 donation to a local church and a €3,500 panoramic spyglass were claimed for as part of an €80,000 spending spree on unnecessary items.
– Part of a grant for SMEs in the UK was never passed on to SMEs
I can’t speak for the ‘IN’ campaign, but this is not what I would call ‘value for money.’
Jonathan Arnott MEP
UKIP, North East

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