Saturday, August 12, 2017


David Carncross, Adel.                                                                                                     AS a pensioner of 77, I wasn’t overly amused to hear of negative prospective changes to social security proposed by the Conservatives but took the view that the Government has enough on its plate just now getting us out of the EU in one piece, and that any proposals would be watered down eventually and make little difference to yours truly. On the other hand, I was actually frightened that Labour, if they got in, would resort to trying to find the money to meet all their ridiculous, surreal promises (out and out lies in my view) based simply on their desire of taking it from anyone who might have access to money to pay them extra taxes. Yorks Post.

Idiotic, Leftist Raving In Daily Mirror.

Kevin Maguire: Theresa May must stop Britain from becoming Donald Trump's 51st state.