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Could A Very Winnable Council Seat Bring A Ukip MP To Hartlepool In June?

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"Tom Cassidy in the upcoming Headland & Harbour by-election in Hartlepool. Fantastic reception on the doorstep."

Apparently, canvassing reports have returned 80% levels of Ukip support! (This is NOT an exaggeration!)
This level of support is no accident. This Blog's featured MEP, Jonathan Arnott, has his office there and Hartlepool is the centre of Ukip activity throughout the entire North-East.

Paul Puts The Country First!

Putting our country first

Published Apr 23, 2017
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall writes, "What does a party leader go into a general election hoping for? That’s normally a pretty easy question to answer – as many votes as possible for his party at the expense of every other party and every other candidate in the field.
"But at this general election it is a lot more complicated than that. Because UKIP was set up to restore Britain’s status as a self-governing democracy and this election comes with that ambition tantalisingly within reach.
"Generations of UKIP activists campaigned and leafleted through wind and rain with the ambition of getting our country out of the EU. And some never lived to see the glorious day when our magnificent referendum victory was confirmed.
"In memory of such people and to be true to the founding principles of my party I must ensure that we work at all times to advance the practical cause of Brexit in Parliament, in the country at large and in the negotiating chambers of the European Union.
"That means, to put it in shorthand, adhering to the principle of country before party in the changed political circumstances that pertain today.
"Surprisingly enough, Theresa May did not consult me about her decision to hold a general election three years before she needed to. She did not make a pitch to me about why she needed a bigger majority to give her the political momentum necessary to secure a full and clean Brexit.
"So I am left to make a series of judgments based on imperfect information. Is the biggest Tory majority possible actually in the interests of Brexit or might it place too much power in the hands of Mrs May who was, after all, a Remainer during the referendum?
"If UKIP were to stand everywhere on June 8, might we risk damaging good Brexit MPs and allowing Remainers to oust them? Might we also risk allowing incumbent Remainer MPs to cling on when they do not deserve to?
"There are some who would like me to implement a cast iron rule that says UKIP will not stand against any incumbent MP who campaigned for Brexit. And yet that would let off the hook lots of what I call “five to midnight” Brexiteers – careerists who could have gone either way and happened to reach the conclusion that backing Brexit at the last moment was the best thing for them personally.
"I could not possibly order UKIP branches not to stand against such people if they wanted to. The shallow careerists have switched one way before and could easily switch the other way in future.
"Equally, this election is not only about Brexit. There are stacks of other issues from the ridiculous foreign aid bill to the parlous state of the NHS, from the cuts to our police force to the continuing lack of control over the volume of immigration. I know that if UKIP does not speak for common sense on such issues then nobody else will.
"I also know that the broadcasters will at least in part base their future coverage of UKIP on our vote share at this election. So the fewer seats we stand in the lower our share will be and the less coverage we will get in the years ahead.
"So what am I going to do? The answer is talk to my party grassroots and treat every constituency on a case by case basis. If, for example, the UKIP branch in St Albans decides it does not wish to oppose Anne Main who worked with them so well during the referendum and yet now faces a Lib Dem challenge, am I going to insist that they do? Probably not.
"If our branch in North Norfolk decides that standing against the Lib Dem Remainer Norman Lamb will actually help him hold the seat against a Tory Brexiteer, will I force them to? Again, probably not.
"Were I a UKIP member living in Vauxhuall would I be busting a gut to field a candidate against Kate Hoey? I rather doubt it.
"So over the next week or so, many conversations will take place between UKIP HQ and our local branches. It will be as much an art as a science. In some cases I will argue for us standing aside. But I will not order it if our local branch is unpersuadable. After all, they will know the lie of the land better than I do.
"I expect that in the vast majority of cases we will reach a consensus about whether to stand or whether to step aside. Because in the end I have the privilege to lead the most patriotic party of modern times. Our members will always put their country before party and their country before themselves."

Tory Support Increasing.

The Conservatives have increased their lead over Labour and opened up a 19-point gap, according to a new poll.
An Opinium survey for the Observer appears to show support for the Tories has increased since Theresa May's surprise decision to call a snap general election. London Evening Standard.

Bill Etheridge - Corbyn Is Dangerous.

Corbyn would make the world more dangerous.

Published Apr 23, 2017
UKIP Defence Spokesman Cllr Bill Etheridge MEP has called Jeremy Corbyn's defence policy "an incoherent mess which would throw the UK into huge security difficulties."

Cllr Etheridge was "shocked" that Mr Corbyn would not want to eliminate the leader of ISIS."

"How can it be a tough decision not to kill al-Baghdadi when he leads an inhumane, murderous death cult? The people of Mosul might have a few words to say to Mr Corbyn about that."
He said the answers given by the Labour leader on the Andrew Marr programme this morning were "the sort of well meaning but ultimately useless platitudes found at the Greenham Common Peace Camp."

"We live in a dangerous world and we can stick within the rules of international law and the Geneva Convention whilst maintaining our nuclear deterrent but ensuring we having a modern weapons system which can target threats and avoid civilians.

"There are situations in this world when the only effective response to a certain type of threat is to neutralise your enemy which is why we have a submarine based weapons programme.

"It seems that all Labour would do if they got their hands on the levers of power is use the UK Armed Forces as 'peacekeeping' policemen when the policy of soft power and internationalism has demonstrably failed.

"The government's first responsibility is the defence of the realm: Corbyn has demonstrated that he doesn't have the stomach for the job."

General Election Heralds The Death Of Labour Party? - One Must Hope So!

So, Listen.

Le Pen v Macron.

I have never felt able to support Le Pen - I have only ever pointed out that she is not hard right like her very unlovely father.
But now - it is a straight fight between a Frexiteer and a europhile.
Well. If I were French, with a certain amount of fear and trembling, I would probably vote Le Pen as 'the lesser evil'.
(Overtones of Donald and Hillary?)
The real problem with Le Pen is that the leftovers of her time as hard right are peppered with socialist-style, centralist policies.

(It is incomprehensible that some guardianistas have compared Ukip to Le Front National. The differences are legion!)

M/S Sufferers: Excellent News.


Laboratory Proven!

Copts Targeted OUTSIDE Egypt.

Father's grief as 16-year-old Coptic boy is murdered in Egypt's 'war on Christians'

An Egyptian Christian boy found murdered on Maundy Thursday was killed by Islamic extremists hoping to intimidate Christians, say his family.
MITK heard yesterday that Copts in Yorkshire have been threatened with attacks by extremist Islamic elements.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Chinese Pastor Arrested.

Christian Pastor Detained in China for Singing 'Jesus Loves You'.

A Taiwanese Christian pastor was reportedly detained for singing the worship song "Jesus Love You" in Zhengzhou, Henan, in China, which officials there have branded as an "illegal religious activity."


April 20th, 2017.
The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has passed a motion calling on its members to teach nursery children about same-sex relationships and trans-sexualism. Christian Concern.

Salvation - Was There Any Other Possible Way?

The principal way by which Christians receive the hope of salvation is the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our sins. But have you ever asked why of all the thousand and one ways God could have found to redeem us of our brokenness, He chose the penal substitution of Jesus for us?
The conversation starts by asking "could God have found another way to save us?" The answer is yes. In God's infinite wisdom and intelligence, it's not only possible but even likely that God could have had other plans to redeem us from eternal separation from Him.
But of all the thousands of ideas God could have had, he chose the sacrifice of Christ. 1 Peter 2:24 tells us, "He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed." Why did God choose this way? Why not just forgive without payment? Here are three reasons why penal substitution was the way God chose.
God's justice
Could God have just given mankind a free pass by pardoning us all of the trillions of sins we commit? Maybe He could, but it would be against His just nature. Yes, God is loving but He is also just and fair. Justice demands that sin be paid with death (Romans 6:23).
But because God was loving as He is just, He found a way to fulfil both sides of His character through the penal substitution. Through that act of kindness we can now freely receive and freely give forgiveness.
To show how valuable we are to God
God could have paid any price, but He paid the ultimate price - His own Son. There is no value higher than Jesus alone yet God chose to give Christ in exchange for valueless sinners such as us. This imputes upon us Christ's value, proving once and for all the ultimate love God has for us all.
Because God did not hold back even His only Son, we are assured of just how much He values us all and how He will not give up anything for us to be with Him - not even His very own life.
To allow us to live in excessive grace
Just how much grace does God want us to live in? As much as He could give! And for that He paid the highest price there is so that there would be a surplus of grace and that we could receive through Christ life and life to the full forever (John 10:10).
God's lavish love for us opens up the greatest excess of heaven because God wants our cups to overflow (Psalm 23:5). And because of that we now know there is no scarcity of mercy, blessings and grace for us all. That was made available only through the penal sacrifice of Christ. Christian Today.

Er ...

Joshua Pearce On The REAL Reasons For Early General Election!

My first immediate thoughts on hearing the Prime Minister push for an early general election related to the numerous police investigations, happening over many parts of the country, in relation to alleged overspending by the Conservative Party in several key seats. The most prominent of these seats being in South Thanet, where Nigel Farage was defeated by Conservative Craig Mackinlay; the latter of whom was recently interviewed under caution by Her Majesty’s constabulary.
Now, with a new general election on the horizon, all these allegations and accusations will disappear into the blue yonder. Not even a footnote in history. No proper recrimination.
The cynic that exists inside would suggest that this is the real reason for the snap general election, not the offered version that this is about strengthening the government ahead of the Brexit negotiations.
Whatever the reason, this general election will undoubtedly bring forth the largest landslide for 20 years, and the biggest Conservative victory over Labour since 1983. In terms of raw vote number, Theresa May may eclipse the current record of 14 million, which is what John Major amassed in 1992.
Labour will surely be decimated. They will likely end this General Election with 150-180 seats, which will be the end of Jeremy Corbyn’s inept, though sometimes entertaining, leadership. It could even be the curtain call on the Labour Party as a whole, as there appears to be no talent within the party ranks and the core vote is gradually ebbing away; though, such predictions should be entered with caution, as similar things were said about the Conservatives in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Speaking of the Tories, they will be aiming for the magic number of 400 seats and, perhaps, just further north of that. Unlike the Cameron-Miliband battle, May versus Corbyn is simply a matter of how big the majority will benot will there be a majority. If 2015 was an exercise in tedium, then 2017 will be an exercise in formality.
I think the truly interesting story of this election is how the Liberal Democrats fare. Tim Farron is ready to embrace the hardcore Remain vote which, according to a YouGov poll, is down to 21%, versus the 69% who back Brexit. This is the summit of Farron’s ambition. 21%.
But will the hardcore Remainians (thank you, Nigel!) grasp the LibDem nettle? This is perhaps the key question of the election, once the formalities have been removed, and a true test of how organised support can be for those who still favour the UK’s membership of the European Union.
It is unlikely, I reckon, that the Liberal Democrats will ascend to higher than 15% of the vote, around 11-13% seems a realistic barometer, but they will almost certainly beat UKIP into 3rd place. How many seats the Liberal Democrats will actually win could vary quite dramatically.
And so to UKIP. I am a critic of Paul Nuttall’s far from inspirational leadership of our dear party, and I am worried that we will be fighting this general election on the narrow topic of ‘Brexit and Borders’.
Such a message will not cut through to the Casual Voter. The Casual Voter, of course, has a slender interest in politics, but will be making up most of the votes on June 8th. The Casual Voter, thinking that the Tories have Brexit and border control in hand, will not be impressed to hear of a carbon-copy message emanating from a comparatively tiny party. Methinks the Casual Voter would be more impressed to hear of UKIP’s wide-range of policies on other matters, such as tax and housing, but then: Nuttall’s focus was always narrow.
I believe a slight paradox will occur to UKIP in June: that our overall vote share will go down, to the region of 6-9% (the latest YouGov poll has us at 7%), but we will actually pick up a few seats and garner our highest ever number in the House of Commons. Mixed success, certainly.
Voter perception and greater knowledge will be the two reasons for UKIP’s better fortune in seat-winning.
Firstly, voters will be able to perceive that we are a realistic party of choice, not a wasted vote, in numerous seats such as Thurrock and South Thanet. For instance, imagine the Casual Voter was tempted to cast his vote for UKIP in Thurrock in 2015. He then looks at the results in Thurrock in 2010, the previous general election, and forms a somewhat inaccurate conclusion that UKIP have no chance, so he votes for another party instead.
Now imagine the same scenario this year. The Casual Voter in Thurrock is still captivated by the possibility of voting UKIP (he has not been put off by Nuttall’s narrowness!) and so he analyses how they did in 2015; the previous general election. This time he arrives at a different result: he thinks UKIP have a chance of capturing the Thurrock seat in 2017, and so he votes UKIP.
In other words, tactical voting in 2017 will not squeeze our party to the same punitive degree as in 2015.
Secondly, based on the 2015 results, our party will be able to conduct its campaigning in a more sensible manner. We know our strongest areas. We know where the realistic prospects lie. We are not as blind as we were in 2015.
If this plays out as I think – a decline in votes, but an increase in seats – it will be interesting to see Nuttall’s reaction to it.
In more general terms, the seven-week duration of this election campaign will stretch all the major parties to their organisational limits. It could therefore follow that UKIP’s typical weakness in terms of structure is cancelled out by the other parties not having adequate time to prepare for their own battles.
And I see the TV debates – a largely pointless charade – have risen to prominence in the news again, with the current Prime Minister set to not attend them; and why should she? May has everything to lose and precious little to gain with a 90 minute stint on ITV – even if she is up against Corbyn! Ukip Daily.

Beyond Measure.

Tory Remoaner Now Sees The Light!

Tory MP and member of the powerful Treasury Select Committee, Chris Philip, branded the European Union a “protectionist racket”.
The Croydon South MP said he was “optimistic” about Brexit and told a conference of Conservative MPs on Saturday what many Leave backers have been insisting since the June 23 vote.


'Brexit Unstoppable.'

Just as a matter of interest, with all those 'hard ball' eurocrats stating that there was 'no way back' if the UK were to quit the EU - NOW they are saying the EXACT opposite!
I do hope that Mrs May is taking cognisance of that fact for Brexit negotiations.
When they talk tough - they do not mean tough!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Describing Heaven.

Labour Throw In The Towel?

Labour is not trying to win the general election, one of the party’s senior MPs has admitted, as it emerged that at least 13 MPs have resigned in an exodus ahead of the vote. Helen Goodman, a former minister, conceded that Labour won’t win in June and Jeremy Corbyn won’t be the next Prime Minister after more MPs announced they will not stand again today. One of the most senior MPs to refuse to stand was Michael Dugher, the former shadow minister. Dave Anderson the shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland also announced he will not seek re-election.


Numbers DO Matter Mrs May.

Numbers do matter Minister.

Posted on April 20
UKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "Trusting Theresa May and the Tories to control immigration is as safe a bet as expecting a pub team from the 'Dog & Duck' to win the World Cup!
"As both Home Secretary and now Prime Minister Theresa May 'promised' to reduce immigration to the 'tens of thousands' - a promise and a pledge that has completely and utterly failed.
"Even the Home Office under Theresa May was concerned that many students coming into the UK, allegedly to study, would disappear off the border agency's radar and into the black economy.
"Fudging student numbers looks like a ruse to massage the immigration statistics and con the British people into believing immigration is coming down, when in fact under the Tories it's been out of control, running at over 500,000 a year.

God's Foreknowledge.

Are Feminists Evil?

No. Of course, not. There are some who are; some who are deluded; some who are merely misguided and believe that this group is all about equality; some who do not understand the true aims of the movement; some, indeed, are man-haters; some have no inherent belief in fairness; some are vicious; most want to butcher the unborn for personal convenience; almost all are leftwing!
When I reread this piece - perhaps there are more 'libbers' who are evil than I had previously thought. 
Perhaps the fairer statement would be: "There are many feminists who probably do not embrace evil per se."

Let's Pretend ...

Let's pretend that Timothy Evans, hanged in 1950 for the murder of his wife and child, was actually innocent.
(Now, I know that this is asking a great deal considering what facts we now know about the case; the dishonesty of the abolitionists; the lies of Eddowes - exposed by his son in The Two Killers of Rillington Place; the mendacity of Ludovic Kennedy etc, etc.)
Now that was all 67 years ago and constantly dragged up by the do-gooders and the left and the abolitionists as 'something truly terrible and which must be regarded with absolute horror'. But, what if these people had actually been right, for once? - Then, so what?
What about the hundreds and possibly thousands of people who have died as a result of violent criminals being on the streets because of silly sentencing?

Why is it that each of those is not mourned to the same extent? - Surely, it could not be because it would undermine the beliefs of the liberal left and display their rank double standards to the whole world - could it?

God Is 'A Gentleman'.



Leading the way

A community leader takes a brave step forward to lead his community towards greater love and acceptance for people living with HIV. And in the process, a young girl’s life is changed forever.
‘They had given up hope’
Vijay* is a community leader in a small village in the state of Rajasthan in India. The stigma of HIV was a reality that everyone in the community grappled with, but Vijay felt unequipped to respond to such need. They had given up hope of ever being able to help those affected by HIV.
One such family affected by discrimination was that of 10-year-old Bhavana* and her brother, whose parents died in quick succession from AIDS-related illnesses. Even close relatives abandoned the children due to the prevailing culture of stigma in the community.
The lack of proper care resulted in Bhavana falling ill. She was later diagnosed to be HIV positive. After knowing her status, her elder brother left her alone to fend for herself with no support. She was no longer allowed to attend school. Many in her community believed that Bhavana would die soon, so it was pointless to take any effort to treat her.
Reaching out
Vijay was given the opportunity to attend some community development training organised by Tearfund partner EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief), which enabled him to realise his responsibility as a leader towards marginalised and vulnerable individuals within his community.
‘I never thought that taking care of the larger community where I live was also part of my leadership role,’ Vijay explains. The training challenged his deeply-held beliefs, and consequently he reached out to Bhavana, so that she wouldn’t end up like her parents.
Vijay, along with other members of his community, took Bhavana to a medical centre for treatment. They were alongside her throughout the whole process, and also helped her to have a balanced diet after learning the importance of nutrition for people infected with HIV.
Furthermore, Vijay found Bhavana’s aunt and explained to her how a person infected with HIV can lead a healthy life. Thanks to the training he had received, he was able to break down the myths surrounding HIV and counselled her to take care of Bhavana well. Through the effort of Vijay, Bhavana is in school again and is slowly getting back to a leading a normal life with her aunt.
*Names changed to protect identity


  • Thank God for the work of EFICOR; that Vijay’s attitude was changed and that his community has been transformed as a result.
  • Pray that more leaders like Vijay will rise up in nations where there is still stigma attached to HIV.
  • Pray for Bhavana; that she will live a long, healthy and full life.

A note from...

'Vijay is among several community leaders who have realised that their leadership role involves taking care of their entire community. Community transformation trainings are leaving a lasting change in the lives of people in extreme poverty.'
Prince David
Country Representative, India