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Jesus Told Widow of Tortured Missionary to Forgive Muslims Who Killed Him (Interview)

The wife of a tortured and slain Christian missionary who made headlines when she declared that she had forgiven her husband's murderers just days after his death says the reason why she was able to forgive so quickly is because Jesus had told her to do so.

Farron - Whose Side Is He On?

We all know the apocryphal story of the MP who pushes out his chest and tells a large crowd: 'These are my principles and if you don't like 'em . . .' - at which point, the crowd starts heckling. Speedily altering tack, the MP continues: '. . . and if you don't like 'em, I can change 'em for other principles.' Normally, this would be seen as a sceptical (if horribly true) observation about the elasticity of our politicians. They'd sell their souls to get elected, huh? But in the case of Tim Farron, it is more serious than that. Selling his soul may be precisely what it feels like to the Liberal Democrats' pink-faced young leader. This is his first general election in charge and, poor man, he is making a hash of it, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

The Guardian - Overstating Issues - As Ever!

How Long To Make A Fossil?

How long to make a fossil? when you were at school? Remember how they told you that fossils have to take millions of years to produce? - Well, it is simply untrue.
They can be produced in months! I recently held a fossilised teddy bear which had been subjected to the right natural conditions and there it was!
This photo is of a hat taken from a mine in Tasmania which had been closed for 50 years - a bit longer th the teddy but still not quite millions, eh?
Today, I visited an evolutionist's website - a blog - which dealt with this issue.
It produced anger, bile, venom, bitterness and mockery of a fossilised Ted.
Sadly, it forgot to repudiate the point with any facts whatsoever.
Difficult to see how else their point might have been made of course - the facts were rather against the writer.

Numpties Alert On Sky News Yesterday And Some Embarrassing Questions.

Apparently, it is 'the lack of youth workers' which leads to rabid islamic nutters planting bombs!
Apparently, it is because they are 'disconnected'.
Apparently it's because 'they are not engaging properly'.
Apparently, it isn't really an Islamic issue.

Apparently, Islamic communities are terribly opposed to these kinds of actions. Fine. Most are, I am 100% certain of that BUT are 'community members' regularly reporting the nutters to the police? - I have no real idea, I must confess, but I very strongly suspect that they are not.
At one point, I even wondered if the Crusades, a millenium ago, were going to get the blame again in this 'make excuses culture' the liberal elite has so generously adopted!

Why aren't there thousands of imams telling people that 'hell awaits suicide bombers' - even if this is only because moslem lives could be threatened by indiscriminate acts?
Why are moslem groups and communities not condemning their imams who preach violence? Why are these vermin not being hounded out of their posts?
Why do polls show significant numbers (albeit a minority) of moslems who seemingly approve of terror attacks?
Against this backcloth - why does Islam get 'a free pass' in our society?
Why, of all religions represented in the UK, is it only moslems who are causing this kind of devastation?

Ah, Yes. Global Warming!

Prepare for the new ice age!

Gibraltar: Spain Decides To Quit Embracing Stoopidity!

Spain CONCEDES over Gibraltar: 'It's not central to Brexit talks,' says Spanish minister

THE SPANISH Foreign Minister has said he now thinks that Gibraltar will not feature prominently in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.


Ukip Manifesto - Fuller Version - Imaginative; Creative; Better.

Be Strong.

Dear Feminists: Your Butchery Of The Unborn Is Not As Popular As You Contend.

Contrary to impressions given in the media, by professional bodies such as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and by most parliamentarians, an overwhelming majority of Britons actually want to make it harder for women to get abortions, a new poll reveals.
It is particularly striking how much support there is among women for lowering the time limit for abortion, which currently stands at 24 weeks. Of the 70 per cent of women who want the limit lowered nearly six in ten are in favour of a limit of 16 weeks or fewer and 41 per cent actually want it 12 weeks or fewer.
2,000 people were recently interviewed by ComRes, finding that:
  • 70 per cent of women would like the current time limit for abortion to be lowered
  • 59 per cent of women would like the abortion time limit lowered to 16 weeks or lower
  • Only one per cent want the abortion time limit raised to birth
  • 93 per cent of women want independent abortion counselling introduced
  • 79 per cent of general population want a five-day consideration period before abortion
  • 84 per cent of women want improved pregnancy support for women in crisis
  • 70 per cent of parents want introduction of parental consent for girls 15 and under to get abortions
  • 56 per cent support freedom of conscience for doctors

Thursday, May 25, 2017

UKIP Manifesto.

Frankly, I could have done a better job than this manifesto - but the positive thing is that it is certainly the best currently on offer.
Abolishing The House of Lords, defence, police, housebuilding, Brexit lines in sand, migration, protecting pensioners, no tax rises, integration - pretty decent stuff. 
I shall now vote Ukip. That had certainly been very much in doubt until today.

England Win First S. Africa ODI By A Convincing 72 Runs.

A very mixed performance from England with many batsmen surrendering their wickets; a great ton from skipper Morgan; super bowling from Mo Ali, Liam Plunkett and Chris Woakes; brilliant fielding from both sides and - that extreme rarity - South Africa giving away wickets for no apparent reason on a 'flat' pitch.


Surely, it is no coincidence that time and time again, in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks, as we le
Is marijuana a factor in jihadi murders?
arn more about the perpetrators and try to understand their motivation, we discover that cannabis was a part of their daily lives. Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John - the man who murdered hostages James Foley, Alan Henning and David Haines, among others - was reportedly a heavy cannabis smoker. Richard Reid, the shoe bomber who tried to blow up a plane flying from Paris to Miami in 2001, smoked cannabis as a youngster, as did the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Tunis beach killer Seifeddine Rezgui; the Belgian train terrorist Ayoub El-Khazzani; the Leytonstone knife attacker Muhaydin Mire; Khalid Masood, who carried out the Westminster attack in March; ringleader of the 7/7 London bombings, Mohammad Sidique Khan . . . I could go on. (Pictured from top left to right: Mohammed Emwazi, Mohammad Daleel, Mohamed Lahouaiej, Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo. Pictured bottom left from right: Omar Mateen, Ayoub El-Khazzani, Said Kouachi, Seifeddine Rezgui and Tashfeen Malik)

A VERY Good Question!

STEPHEN GLOVER: Why is the liberal Left so reluctant to call this man an Islamic terrorist?

There’s one question about the Manchester atrocity infinitely more pressing than any other. Why did a young man brought up in the city murder 22 of his fellow citizens in cold blood, many of them children, who had breathed the same air and walked the same streets?
It is curious how people skirt around this conundrum when offering an answer. Many partial explanations are given — many of them fine as far as they go, but incomplete, and therefore inadequate.
Donald Trump says terrorists such as Salman Abedi are ‘losers’ worthy of our contempt. So they are. Many of them are pathetic types, often with histories of petty crime. Yet there are lots of such people in the world, and most of them don’t contemplate mass murder.
Others reasonably point out many terrorists are drug takers, as Abedi is alleged to have been. They rightly say repeated drug abuse warps minds and can induce paranoia. All true, but it still does not take us to the heart of the matter.
Still others spread the net of blame wider, and cite the failures of recent British foreign policy, and in particular the destabilisation by Western forces of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya, which has led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalists who may have nurtured Salman Abedi.
And so it goes on. One explanation comes hard on the heels of another. Each sounds plausible. Each is part of the truth. But without one crucial factor they would not, even in combination, have led to the barbarity of the Manchester attack.
No, the point we must address squarely is Abedi was an Islamic fanatic. Not only that. All recent attacks — in Paris, Nice, Brussels, Stockholm and anywhere else you care to think of — were done in the name of Islam.
Perhaps the point that the perpetrators have all been Muslim is such an obvious one that commentators don’t feel it worth mentioning. But I rather think most prefer not to grapple with an uncomfortable truth which is hard to make sense of.
Let’s be honest and admit that none of these outrages has been committed by Sikhs or Hindus or Christians, though it is perfectly true that some members of the IRA who planted bombs over 20 years ago regarded themselves as devout Roman Catholics.
To illustrate the problem, one only had to listen to Andy Burnham, the newly elected Labour mayor of Greater Manchester, on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday morning. He is, I’ve no doubt, a decent and generally sensible man.
Yet he did all he could to represent Salman Abedi as a one-man band acting on his own account or with a handful of similarly deluded accomplices. Burnham said he disapproved of the term ‘Islamic terrorism’. Abedi was ‘a terrorist, an extremist, not a Muslim’.
The newly elected Labour mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham
The newly elected Labour mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham
According to Burnham, the Manchester bomber ‘no more represented the Muslim community’ in that city than the killer of the Labour MP Jo Cox last June represented the ‘white Christian community’.
If only he were right! Thomas Mair, who murdered Jo Cox, was a lunatic who spoke for virtually no one and enjoyed no support from his community. I’m afraid the same can’t be said of Salman Abedi.
It now transpires that his father is suspected of having links to an Al-Qaeda-related group in Libya, while his younger brother was arrested in Tripoli last night over alleged support for ISIS.

Eastern Orthodox Conversion Remains Controversial - And Puzzling.

Christians Jumping to 'Shameful Conclusions' About Bible Answer Man's Conversion: Daughter of CRI Founder.

The daughter of the Christian Research Institute's founder considers its president, "Bible Answer Man" Hank Hanegraaff, a brother in Christ despite theological objections from fellow Christians following his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.


Emily Thornberry Can't Count, Either!

Now ANOTHER  Labour front bencher hasn't got the numbers right! Moment Emily Thornberry is forced to scramble for her notes during TV grilling on tax.
The shadow foreign secretary was unable to answer specific questions on Labour's tax plans just hours after Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his manifesto. Mail.

Dressing For Safety?

Next Government To Help Persecuted Church?

May, 2017.
We take a look at Stonewall's General Election Manifesto and the consequences that the policies might have if made into law.

Arguing With The Liberal Left.

Patrick Speaks For The Elderly!

Tories must call off their new death tax on pensioner homes.

Published May 22, 2017
PatrickOflynn.pngUKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn today called on the Conservatives to scrap their plans to take huge sums out of the estates of elderly people who have received social care.

He said: "This Tory death tax could involve taking tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds out of someone’s estate if they have been unlucky enough to suffer an extended debilitating condition late in life.

"This is a Russian roulette approach to paying for social care for the elderly and the abrogation of government responsibility. It makes a mockery of the claims of Mrs May and her key advisers to be running a communitarian Conservative administration.

"The Prime Minister seems to wish to avoid scrutiny on heavyweight political programmes in this election. She went on the One Show recently. If she sticks to this policy her next appearance should be on Total Wipeout because that is pretty much what she has in mind for the estates of many elderly people."
Mr O'Flynn predicted the Tory plan to raid assets would lead some frail elderly people to regret still being alive and cause others to try and muddle through without necessary social care, leading to more falls and other domestic accidents that would in turn put more pressure on hospitals and lead to premature deaths.

He called on the Conservatives to at least give people the option of paying into a social care insurance scheme from age 50 that would guarantee their care would be funded if they needed it in later life.

Students? - Yes, I Can Answer That One!

YP Letters: Are too many students going into higher education?
Jobs which have no requirement whatsoever for a degree are asking for one!

For Those Who Survived The Manchester Bomb.

Manchester: ECHC Must Accept A Degree Of Responsibility!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Corbyn's Association With Holocaust Deniers.

Origins Presented As Absolute Fact For Decades - WRONG!

History of human evolution re-written. [Again] Scientists discover Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. Telegraph.

Still, the evolutionists will get up, dust themselves down and prepare for the march to their next fatuous hypothesis ... and the next ... and so ad infinitum!

Hmm. Climate Change, Eh?

Paul On Vaping.

Draconian EU vaping rules show why we have to have a full clean Brexit

Posted on May 20
"The EU Directive which comes into force today that places massive restrictions on vaping, is exactly the sort of legislation that should be repealed when Britain finally leaves the EU", said Paul Nuttall the UKIP leader in Clacton this morning. 
"The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was debated from a position of ignorance. There is no point to these regulations and no public health benefit. They do, however, destroy a highly successful free market which has seen almost 3 million people make the switch from tobacco to a far safer alternative at no cost to the taxpayer. Make no mistake, the only result of these regulations will be to deter smokers from quitting smoking. 


One Way Forward Post Manchester.

The nation needs to be placed onto a war footing. This means that controls need to be exerted on the Press for all coverage of terrorist acts and the consequences thereof.
Secondly, the names of terror suspects should not be released.
Thirdly, trials should be by military courts and held in camera.
Fourthly, counsel for the defence should be chosen from the military.
Fifthly, the charge should be treason against the state.
Sixthly, the liberal judiciary needs to be removed wholly from the process.
The death penalty must be imposed for all treasonous acts causing death or the likelihood of death or being complicit in the use of bombs etc - and all terror attacks need to be regarded as treason. 
Appeals against conviction should be passed to the highest of military authorities but there can be no appeal against sentence.

The system suggested above would help to limit the creation of so-called martyrs as public announcements would be minimal and would be ordered to be underplayed by the media.
As the politically correct love to censor us all so very much - I assume that they will not be able to disapprove of censorship used to combat murderers and their cronies. (Or would a double standard be adopted by them? - Surely not!)

This is a war that we cannot afford to lose. It is anathema to me to find myself advocating the use of secret tribunals - but all those on the fringes of involvement must realise that cheering on 'suicide bombers' from the sidelines is as dangerous as being the bomber himself. Civilised society MUST protect itself.

The Spanish government hierarchy used GAL as a clandestine organisation in the 80s which simply assassinated suspected, key Basque terrorists. 
For those who disagree with what I have written above - please note that the Spanish response simply removes all fairness from the system and - other than accepting terrorist acts as 'the norm' - that is the only realistic alternative!

(NEVER forget too that Brother Corbyn and his buddy have lent vocal support to Palestinian and Irish groups which practise similar, trotskyite terror tactics.)

Tolerant Leftie: Apologies For The Language Used - But This Truly IS Our Sad World Today.

Trump Condemns Terror Attack!

President Trump on Tuesday condemned the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, saying society must get rid of the “evil losers” who kill innocent children.
“The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out of our society forever,” said Mr. Trump, speaking during a trip to the Middle East that is largely aimed at combating terrorism. “This wicked ideology must be obliterated.”
The president said the attack, believed to be carried out by a suicide bomber, was especially heinous because it took the lives of many children and teens attending a concert. The bombing killed at least 22, and injured 59 others.
“So many young, beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life,” Mr. Trump said. “I won’t call them ‘monsters’ because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them from now on losers, because that’s what they are.”
Mr. Trump, who met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas earlier Tuesday in the West Bank, said the purpose of his trip to the Middle East is ridding the world of such terrorist attacks. Dave Boyer, Washington Times.

The Christ Described In The OLD Testament.

Sack This Judge TODAY!

£38,000 worth of designer clothes and holidays - judge spares her jail.

  • Sophie Franklin, 30, used company credit cards to rack up £38,000 spending
  • She admitted fraud after scamming Circle Square agency in south east London
  • But the judge, Owen Davies, at Inner London Court said he didn't like sending women to prison when they had not been to prison before.
  • She received a suspended sentence and was told to do community service
Read more:
He is expected to serve society NOT his personal feelings!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Please Pray For The Injured and Grieving.

Now is not the time to be angry or bitter; now is not the time to rant and pontificate; now is the time to pray for the victims of this atrocity at the Manchester Arena. 
Families are mourning; youngsters are suffering in hospital; lives are poised on a knife edge; our world has suffered a body blow.
At times like these, lean on Jesus.

Nice One, Nigel.

Grow up or we'll walk away.

Speaking recently in the European Parliament plenary debate in Strasbourg on the European Council’s adopted guidelines for the Brexit negotiations UKIP MEP Nigel Farage labelled Mr Juncker’s behaviour as unacceptable and called for a change of tactics from the EU or the United Kingdom may be forced to walk away from the talks before the end of the year.
Nigel Farage MEP said: “In any other part of the civilised world frankly that behaviour would be considered to be bloody rude and the act of a bully. Well I’ll tell you something, your attempt to bully the Brits through these negotiations is not working, sixty-eight percent now of the British people want Brexit to happen.

“Either we get some grown up, reasonable demands from the European Union or the United Kingdom will be forced to walk away before the end of this year. We can’t spend two years with this farce, there is a big, big world out there.”


Indonesia: Candlelit Vigils.

1,000 Candlelight Vigils Held Worldwide to Protest Prison Sentence for Jakarta's Christian Governor.

Massive rallies have been held across Indonesia since the conviction and arrest of the governor of the capital Jakarta, Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, who was convicted of "blasphemy." About 9,000 Indonesians have submitted their national identity cards to serve as the guarantor for the Christian official's bail, according to local media. Christian Post.


Politics - a definition.'Politics' is made up of two words. 'Poli' which is Greek for 'many' and 'tics' which are bloodsucking insects.
Gore Vidal.

Wind Farm.

Darwinism - A Belief System.

Darwinism is a religion - a belief system. one chihuahua, one West Highland terrier, one border collie, one rottweiler and one Irish wolfhound or Great Dane.
Fossilize and wait for several lots of years before sending for a passing darwinian evolutionist.
Sit back and watch how the explanations will tell you emphatically how these creatures 'evolved' one into another over vast periods of time and utterly ignoring the disregarded facts that:
a] The animals are 100% contemporaneous and
b] Any changes are merely within their genetic parameters.
Evolutionism is grotesquely simplistic, you see - as well as being most UNscientific.

[Under no circumstances should you include any dachsunds in your experimenting as this would be just too cruel to future evolutionists!]

Peter Hitchens On Our Injustice System.

Don't Credit Yourself With Wisdom.

'Green' Plant Causes Devastation.