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Tricky Question Answered Logically.

If God created Satan, and Satan is evil, is evil God's fault?

No. God did not create Satan (or men, for that matter) as evil—only with the capacity for evil. (Isaiah 14:12)

Fish-Stealing EU. (Haven't They Already Had Tens Of Billions Of Tons Of Our Fish?)

Even Sanders Has The Potential To Be Right On Occasions.

'Capitalism does a number of things very well: it helps create an entrepreneurial spirit; it gets people motivated to come up with new ideas, and that's a good thing.' Bernie Sanders


What Happens When Liberal Depravity is Normalized?

Need Wisdom?- Then ASK!

Want A Belly Laugh?

'Capitalism is war; socialism is peace.' Karl Liebknecht

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jonathan Arnott, Former Ukip MEP Talks About Ukip On Premier.

Why Is This Probably Happening? WE Are The Ones In The Driving Seat!

Is Government considering massive ‘back door payments’ to secure EU deal?

THE UK could buy post-Brexit influence in the EU by quietly paying over the odds towards programmes such as science and research, it was claimed by hardline Brexiteers. The EU faces a struggle to fill a £15 BILLION-a-year budget hole after Britain departs from the union – a hole no nations seems eager to fill.

A source familiar with cabinet discussions told the Financial Times: “Money is what (The EU) really care about.
“Germany don’t want to fill that (EU budget) hole.”
And he suggested the EU and Britain might quietly okay more opaque methods of channelling British cash into European coffers – meaning Britain gets better access to markets and the EU balances the budget.


Nigel NEEDED IN Brexit Process.

Share The Excess.

PLEASE, Avoid Double Standards - Scorn The Far Left TOO!

The media portrays the western far-right as a citadel of economic delusion, and anger as an end in itself. To some degree this is fair. Sadly, the far-right has too many Marine Le Pens and not enough Pat Buchanans.
But how about some parity in disdain for the western far-left?
After all, the far-left gets far less negative coverage than the far-right. Where the far-right is portrayed as malevolent, the far-left is presented as well-intentioned but delusional. And that's wrong. The western far-left is every bit as despicable. To understand why, we only need listen to what the top far-left thinkers say.
Take Tariq Ali, one of the most respected. On Monday, Oxford University released a video of Ali's recent speech to students and faculty. Ali begins by lamenting the Soviet Union's demise. It meant, he said, "millions of people feeling that there is no alternative... its existence offered them a space to be active, to be critical."
As absurd as this might sound, it is a frequent refrain of the western far-left. They truly believe that the Soviet Union provided moral good by keeping all its citizens in relative rather than absolute poverty. They attempt to revise history with such statements about how "active" and "critical" its citizens were permitted to be. Crucially, in their allowance for Soviet tyranny, this belief illustrates the far-left's sympathy for power controlled at the very top.
Ali then expands on the tragedy of the Soviet demise: It has induced a "tooth and claw capitalism" that has infected the western political consensus. Ali explains that this political class "makes wars at the asking of the Americans, it has no sympathy whatsoever for its poor, it cuts down on public spending every single year, it privatizes the most hallowed provisions in the old social substructures."
Aside from the inherent belief that public spending is good and private capital is bad, we're glossing over several wars the Soviets started, encouraged and funded, in addition to their routine policy of conducting assassinations and kidnappings even on foreign soil, and of mass political imprisonments at home — including, as Aleksander Solzhenitsyn memorably described, of World War II veterans whose only crime was that they allowed themselves to be captured by the enemy. All of these things make Vladimir Putin look like a small-timer.
But Ali was only just getting started. "I am not one of those who believe American power disappearing," he said. "I wish I could ... Nor is American capitalism disappearing. One has to be very cold and hard-headed about this."
Here we see another sacrament of the western far-left: its pathological hatred for America. I say pathological, because America's international legacy is provably good. The American-guaranteed international supports human freedom and has allowed people to trade and travel without fear of attack. In doing so, it has lifted billions from poverty. For the western far-left, however, facts don't matter.
Instead, cheap shots are the play of the day. Ali explains that American strategy is inherently evil. Thanks to capitalism, he says, America is now "devoid of humanity" and "what it cannot it achieve by guile, it achieves by wars."
Such words drip with venom. America, Ali would have us believe, is a monster. A blood-soaked, money obsessed, psychopathic nation.
But then comes the tell. Ali notes that he has an alternative in mind. He speaks of a "big shift of the world market" towards China, which has "done many good things, it has to be said." Why is China Ali's favored nation? Because of its growth in incomes over the past generation. As Ali puts it, "globalization couldn't achieve that in the west ... But in China, because of the way in which they implemented these policies, they've succeeded to a large extent."
This is wholly untrue, of course. In reality, China's great disparity between disparate sectors of urban wealth and immense rural poverty defines the regime. Moreover, contrary to Ali's claims, China's economic growth is not a function of communist ideology, but of rapid growth, born of low-wage, low-cost exports, and greater economic liberalization. And today, China's model is increasingly at risk as other, poorer nations can now undercut its rising wages.
But again, consider what it says about Ali and the far-left that they so yearn for communist authoritarianism and lament capitalist democracy.
It speaks to the heart of far-left's ideology. Namely, the far-left's belief that power must be reallocated from individuals to the center. To elites, like Lenin, who know best. This isn't to say that individuals don't matter to the far-left, they do. But only to the degree that individuals serve the masters of better knowledge.
There's also a foul arrogance here. By centralizing government control over the means of production (nationalization) and people (see "collectivism"), the far-left assumes that its leaders are somehow less fallible than private entrepreneurs. Again, the evidence speaks to the contrary: the private sector is more productive and efficient than the public sector. Hence why capitalism is defined by improved living standards, and communism by kleptocracy and starvation, of which memories in Ukraine are still rather raw.
In the end, it's all about trust in people. Where the Right, the center-right and the center-left believe empowering individual opportunity maximizes social good, the far-left believe that people must be controlled to ensure good. And when their system fails, as it always does, impoverishing millions, they add insult to injury by claiming human beings just aren't good enough for it.
It's pathetic.
As I say, the western far-left deserve far more scorn that they currently endure. Washington Examiner. Tom Rogan.


Nick Vujicic On The Spiritual Realm.

Nick Vujicic, known as the "limbless evangelist," has said that one of the reasons why he's not an atheist is because he has seen things that science can't explain, such as 10-foot-tall demons in his hotel room.
Vujicic, who was born with no arms and no legs and has been inspiring millions throughout the world with his story of overcoming the odds, answered a few questions about his faith in a Facebook video on Friday.
In one of the questions he was asked, "How can we know God's love is real, and how do you know it?"
To which he responded, "I can't show you God, I can't show you an angel, but one of the reasons I am not an atheist, and one of the reasons why I don't believe science explains everything, is because I have seen miracles, and I have seen demons."
Vujicic continued, "I've seen 10-foot-tall demons, 5-foot wide walk in through my San Francisco hotel room. And I felt the demon's presence, the demonic presence, before the demon actually walked through the wall."
He suggested that the existence of things like voodoo and witchcraft, which he said are real, also show that science can't explain everything.
"There is a spiritual realm," the evangelist insisted.
"You have to walk by faith despite what you see, despite what you feel — you believe it."
Earlier in the Facebook video Vujicic explained that the mission and purpose of his ministry, Life Without Limbs, is to equip people to be "the hands and feet of Jesus," so that they know that God loves them.
In response to some of the other questions, Vujicic talked about his growing family, and how he balances spending enough time with them and his ministry.
He said that Kanae, his spouse, is an "amazing wife, super mom, she is unbelievable."
Kanae recently gave birth to Olivia and Ellie, the couple's twin daughters, bringing their number of children to four, including their two older sons.
"In 2017, my total days away from home was about 105 days. [In] 2018, it's going to be 84 days. And we're going to stick to it, by the grace of God reaching the most amount of people ever," Vujicic said of his plans.
The author and inspirational speaker reported on a few major outreach initiatives last year, and said that his team witnessed 400,000 people repent for their sins and choose to follow Jesus Christ at an event in Ukraine in October 2017.
"The biggest event that our team at Life Without Limbs has seen and maybe the largest event ever in Europe — 800,000 people in the streets of Kyiv Ukraine! Thank you God," Vujicic wrote on Facebook at the time.
He added, "400,000 repented of their sins and began their spiritual journey with Jesus. Now LWL celebrates the witness of 1 million decisions to walk with and trust God in everything face to face."
When he is home, however, Vujicic said his focus is on his family.
"Every week that I am home, me and Kanae, we do have a date. I am also about to start taking my son on a date once a week, and I also don't want to forget my family. I am starting to take out my mom for a date every second week, and my sister every second week."
The evangelist advised that in relationships, it's important to take time to turn off the phone, and be real.
"Having those people in our lives is the greatest blessing, so we should live like it is," he said.

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There Can Never Be A Man-Made Earthly Utopia.

'Capitalism is always evaluated against dreams. Utopia is a dream. It doesn't exist.' 
Rush Limbaugh.
BUT Socialism IS a wild dream which can never ever succeed.

Socialism And Communism: Shared Goals.


I Am Ashamed Of Our Nation!



In the letter, Lord Mandelson suggested that he and chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier held private talks at a conference they both attended in Brussels in November. Mail.

Modern Day Trojan Horse.

 Paperback – 29 Jan 2009 by Sam Solomon  (Author),‎ E. Al Maqdisi  (Author)
The first fundamental principle for the creation of a successfully visible Islamic society is to be separate and distinct... "Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi have provided the general Western public a valuable service in publishing this book." Rev Dr Patrick Sookhdeo Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity "If only one piece of information pertaining to Muslims and Islam is ever read, it would be this book on Al-Hijra." N Keas Phd Lecturer and Communication Consultant "I hope that every person in the Western world reads it, including the sleeping political elite. This book should bring about a much needed awakening." Geert Wilders MP Chairman Party for Freedom (PVV) Sam Solomon, a convert to Christianity and an expert on Islam, is a senior lecturer and research coordinator, a human rights activist and an advisor to British as well as European parliamentarians. Sam has authored a number of thought-provoking books and numerous articles on Christian Muslim relations. E Al Maqdisi is a prolific writer and debater, an author of some 15 books, and a regular contributor to many Internet sites on this complex subject of Islam and its teaching.