Friday, May 26, 2017

Numpties Alert On Sky News Yesterday And Some Embarrassing Questions.

Apparently, it is 'the lack of youth workers' which leads to rabid islamic nutters planting bombs!
Apparently, it is because they are 'disconnected'.
Apparently it's because 'they are not engaging properly'.
Apparently, it isn't really an Islamic issue.

Apparently, Islamic communities are terribly opposed to these kinds of actions. Fine. Most are, I am 100% certain of that BUT are 'community members' regularly reporting the nutters to the police? - I have no real idea, I must confess, but I very strongly suspect that they are not.
At one point, I even wondered if the Crusades, a millenium ago, were going to get the blame again in this 'make excuses culture' the liberal elite has so generously adopted!

Why aren't there thousands of imams telling people that 'hell awaits suicide bombers' - even if this is only because moslem lives could be threatened by indiscriminate acts?
Why are moslem groups and communities not condemning their imams who preach violence? Why are these vermin not being hounded out of their posts?
Why do polls show significant numbers (albeit a minority) of moslems who seemingly approve of terror attacks?
Against this backcloth - why does Islam get 'a free pass' in our society?
Why, of all religions represented in the UK, is it only moslems who are causing this kind of devastation?

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