Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One Way Forward Post Manchester.

The nation needs to be placed onto a war footing. This means that controls need to be exerted on the Press for all coverage of terrorist acts and the consequences thereof.
Secondly, the names of terror suspects should not be released.
Thirdly, trials should be by military courts and held in camera.
Fourthly, counsel for the defence should be chosen from the military.
Fifthly, the charge should be treason against the state.
Sixthly, the liberal judiciary needs to be removed wholly from the process.
The death penalty must be imposed for all treasonous acts causing death or the likelihood of death or being complicit in the use of bombs etc - and all terror attacks need to be regarded as treason. 
Appeals against conviction should be passed to the highest of military authorities but there can be no appeal against sentence.

The system suggested above would help to limit the creation of so-called martyrs as public announcements would be minimal and would be ordered to be underplayed by the media.
As the politically correct love to censor us all so very much - I assume that they will not be able to disapprove of censorship used to combat murderers and their cronies. (Or would a double standard be adopted by them? - Surely not!)

This is a war that we cannot afford to lose. It is anathema to me to find myself advocating the use of secret tribunals - but all those on the fringes of involvement must realise that cheering on 'suicide bombers' from the sidelines is as dangerous as being the bomber himself. Civilised society MUST protect itself.

The Spanish government hierarchy used GAL as a clandestine organisation in the 80s which simply assassinated suspected, key Basque terrorists. 
For those who disagree with what I have written above - please note that the Spanish response simply removes all fairness from the system and - other than accepting terrorist acts as 'the norm' - that is the only realistic alternative!

(NEVER forget too that Brother Corbyn and his buddy have lent vocal support to Palestinian and Irish groups which practise similar, trotskyite terror tactics.)

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