Sunday, February 12, 2017

Handsworth Christian School To Close.

It is with the profoundest regret that I must announce the demise of Handsworth Christian School which closes its doors for the final time next Friday.
Gradually falling numbers over the last five years have perhaps made the closure inevitable.
I must ask why, however, evangelically-minded parents throughout Sheffield have seldom bothered to question the vile indoctrination of their offspring in local state schools and made so few efforts to discover an obvious, Christian alternative!
The fees were always at the very lowest end of the scale.
Parents who have blithely and blindly fed their children into our nations comprehensives will have to answer to God for their poor parenting when excellent better options were in place.

In many years of its existence, HCS had the best GCSE results in the entire city - so little excuse there not to have used the school!
My association with the school ended in 2015 when some still entertained vague hopes of turning the school around.
Next Friday will be a sad day for my wife and I after both having been involved in the school for three complete decades - her as head teacher, me in a variety of part-time roles as I also worked in the state system in order to help fund our involvement in the HCS charity.

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