Monday, February 06, 2017

Mardy And Mithering.

In Lincolnshire, the finest of all England's counties - and incidentally, my own birthplace - we have a word to describe those who are petty-minded, puerile and petulant. These grumpy individuals are described as 'mardy'.
The word is well-known too in Yorkshire. It is in the latter - and quite possibly second greatest of all England's counties - where we hear the verb 'to mither' in everyday usage. This word has a Welsh root but, I am told, is rarely use in its birthplace.
'Mithering' is what people do who like to fuss nonstop over matters which do not matter all that much.
Hmm. I wonder why these two words sprang into my mind when I hear David Beckham's inane ramblings and complaints about not having been granted a knighthood.
Ah well Dave, perhaps oodles of money cannot buy you every desire of your heart, huh?

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