Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sudan: Please Pray.

For several months, our church has been upholding in prayer four men in Sudan wrongly charged with serious crimes because they raised money for the medical treatment of a badly burned student protester. Thank God for the release of one pastor, but the three men remaining have been given harsh sentences.
Below is an extract from the website of CSW.
On 29 January, Judge Osama Ahmed Abdulla found Czech national Mr JaĊĦek guilty of espionage and sentenced him to life imprisonment. Reverend Abduraheem and Mr Abdumawla were found guilty of espionage and abatement and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. ……
…….Lawyers representing the men, intend to appeal the verdict and sentences. In the meantime, the men remain in Al-Huda prison in Omdurman.
For more detail see
Please pray that the appeal can be heard soon, and for an annulment of the verdict, and that the Lord protects and comforts these men in prison and their families at this difficult time. 
Cheers, Peter! 

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