Monday, February 06, 2017

We Have Bred A Generation Of Total, Hand-wringing Softies.

ROSS CLARK: A diseased fox bit off part of a man's ear as he was sleeping on a bench in the village of Storrington, West Sussex. Yet rather than being put down, the beast is now being cared for 24/7. Mail.
Speaking to a Sheffield pest control officer,some years ago, when I was considering buying a Larsen trap to cut down our local infestation of magpies, he told me two interesting facts:
1) What I was doing was actually dangerous to my family. Animal welfare loonies would cause me mayhem and put out all the windows in my house were they to find out and
2) In his vital role in our city, he had been attacked for killing rats! 
(What's next Cockroach Lib?)

Disgraceful That Parents Not Told About Systematic Abuse Of Their Children.

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