Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Darwinism - A Belief System.

Darwinism is a religion - a belief system.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_E87qS3OzVLQ/SVXQ7Bj20qI/AAAAAAAADbU/PQzaY61RBIU/s1600-h/AZYUF8OCA7RWL94CAU9WVX7CA2P9E2NCAEAXAUHCAHTX2Z8CA0YFIHUCAZFX461CAJLRNUZCA8H5SGZCA51OEIECAHZEOTPCATUOYUUCASTS76VCAO0GXGLCAISR9D8CAR01ZVDCAOLTAZWCAQV1OR1CAGVQ24G.jpgTake one chihuahua, one West Highland terrier, one border collie, one rottweiler and one Irish wolfhound or Great Dane.
Fossilize and wait for several lots of years before sending for a passing darwinian evolutionist.
Sit back and watch how the explanations will tell you emphatically how these creatures 'evolved' one into another over vast periods of time and utterly ignoring the disregarded facts that:
a] The animals are 100% contemporaneous and
b] Any changes are merely within their genetic parameters.
Evolutionism is grotesquely simplistic, you see - as well as being most UNscientific.

[Under no circumstances should you include any dachsunds in your experimenting as this would be just too cruel to future evolutionists!]

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