Sunday, May 21, 2017

Posted On This Blog In 2008 - How Much Has Changed In 9 Years?

I have lambasted the BNP on this Blog many times but I think that we need to put them into perspective - after all they are 'extremists' - we know this because the mainstream politicians have told us so!

The problem is of course, that they are called 'extreme' by the self same politicians who have:-

1} Sold our birthright to the EU.
2} Allowed the feckless and workshy a totally free ride.
3} Stolen money from the people to squander wildly and called it taxation.
4} Promoted multiculture to destroy our sense of oneness as a society.
5} Downgraded and derided the Christian Faith.
6} Permitted criminals to take over parts of our cities.
7} Failed to protect citizens from thugs by weak-kneed sentencing.
8} Allowed a veritable flood of immigrants to what is now the most overcrowded country in Europe.
9} Allowed the total dumbing down of education.
10}"Framed mischief by statute" [Psalm 94] and permitted a bevy of immoralities to fester and grow.
11} Have destroyed democracy with their 'we know what is best for you' attitudes.
12} They have created the 'nanny state' so they can have ever more control over us.
13} Failed to attack the drugs problems at source.
14} Have taken us into unwinnable foreign wars.[Labour with Conservative help]
15} Have wrecked the economy for generations as yet unborn [Labour only]
16} Have permitted the mass slaughter of the unborn.
17} Have promoted alien religions ahead of Christianity.
18} Have encouraged family breakdown.
19} Have encouraged and promoted illegitimacy and all the knock on social effects.
20} Have funded the irresponsible in countless spheres.
21} Have poured money into quangos
22} Have encouraged an ever burgeoning bureaucratic layer.
23} Have buried businesses in unending amounts of Brussels-inspired paper and meaningless regulations.
24} Have confused liberty with licence.
25} Have lied repeatedly. ['Of course there will be a referendum!']
26] Have made working a poor second choice for many who are trapped in the cycle of benefit dependency.
Well. The BNP has effectively disappeared and we finally got a vote on EU membership.

Anything else?
The problem here is that there are so many more new abominations to add to the above list!

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