Monday, May 08, 2017

'Sipping Saints'.

The title of my piece today is the same as that of an article in Redemption Tidings some 35 years ago by the mighty David Wilkerson.
He was wrong then and Rev. Mark Creech is wrong now.
There are more injunctions in the Scriptures against abuse of food than there are against alcohol - so who is suggesting that we should all quit eating?
God gave us alcohol.
Christ turned water into wine, the Bible does not condemn alcohol per se,the Communion is celebrated with wine - even if your Church substitutes it with Ribena!
If you cannot control your drinking - GIVE IT UP! AA will help.
The advice I have given to countless young people who will simply never shun alcohol just because a few adults tell them to has long been:- 'Alcohol is a good friend and an evil enemy.'
(You could say the self same thing about the Internet!)
If we lecture youngsters to avoid smoking, drinking and drugs - and they then see the positive side of alcohol, perhaps even in their own homes, why should they believe us on the other two?
Sorry. But this is well-intentioned but, nonetheless, still poor advice.


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