Friday, May 12, 2017

Sudan - Great News!
BREAKING: Free at Last!
“I am now with my children and my family, they are happy, some are crying. They can’t believe it”
- Rev Hassan, freed today after 17 months in detention

We’ve just had some amazing news from Sudan. Reverend Hassan, a church leader, and Mr Abdumawla, an activist, have been released from prison today! Both men were serving unjust twelve-year sentences for espionage, inciting hatred between sects and propagating false news, but were set free after receiving a presidential pardon. Read more in our press release.
Thank you so much for all your praying, campaigning, tweeting, and more on behalf of these two men as well as Rev Kuwa and Mr Jašek, who had stood trial alongside them. Many of you tweeted Jan Figel, a senior EU representative, asking him to raise the case with the Sudanese government during his visit to the country earlier this year. 

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