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10.5 Good Reasons For Me Not To Renew My Ukip Membership.

UKIP Leadership: 11 Applicants Announced

Published Aug 04, 2017
Piers Wauchope, the Returning Officer, has asked me to pass on to you the following statement. (I say this because I have a enough people already writing to accuse me of rigging the election, and would like you all to know that I am just passing this on for the man who is actually running it). Here is his message:
The Returning Officer has today confirmed that there are eleven applicants for next month's leadership election.
They are (in alphabetical order):
• David Allen
• Henry Bolton
• David Coburn
• Jane Collins
• David Kurten
• Marion Mason
• Aidan Powlesland
• John Rees-Evans
• Ben Walker
• Anne Marie Waters
• Peter Whittle
We are in the process of verifying their information and completing vetting checks in preparation for the next NEC meeting on 11th August. Once the NEC has approved the final list, we will let you know the names of the candidates who will appear on the ballot paper.*
This leadership ballot will be managed by Electoral Reform Services who will issue ballot papers on 1st September.
So many unknowns on this list - is the new leader to be elected from a group few members know anything about?
But there are names on the list: to make a normal person's hair curl; incompetents; people lacking qualities for any serious position - let alone party leader; the narrow and the self-promoting. In one category or another that covers 'em all. There are some very good human beings on the list but ones who do not possess the nous to run the proverbial whelk stall!
(Ben Walker is apparently the 'least terrible choice' but I only heard his name for the first time yesterday!)

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