Saturday, August 05, 2017

Is University Worth The Bother, The Expense & Loss of Wages?

I gotta say that I really support using your 'A' levels to get work; get three years of experience - and salary; study for OU Degree In Your free time!
(Do remember that I know whereof I speak - having worked in the Careers field.)
The advice I gave in the last 15 years was always - NEVER go to University for the sake of it - or merely to bump up your qualifications.
Do NOT go just for the social life.
DO go if your specified profession demands a degree.
DO go if you have a love for your subject and would suffer a sense of loss if you were not to follow a course of further study.
DO remember that with lost income; accommodation costs; course fees, books etc - you may be looking at a six figure debt.

The problem is that Labour's utterly idiotic policy of boosting numbers at uni - often in fairly worthless courses of study - the market has been saturated to the extent that employers feel obliged to demand a degree for jobs which really only require 4 passes at GCSE! It is yet another, huge leftist mess!

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