Friday, August 04, 2017

Schooling - Persecution By Any Other Name.

Politicians in the U.K. are reportedly set to drop plans that would have allowed single-faith schools to remain as they are. Christian schools may soon be required to ensure that half of their students are from different religious backgrounds.
Premier reported on Sunday that although Tory ministers had promised in their election manifesto to scrap plans that would have placed a cap on school admissions, they have now reversed course, due to concerns that Christian-only schools "heighten community divisions."
Chief inspector of schools Amanda Spielman told the Sunday Times: "Admission 100% on faith leads to increased levels of segregation within communities."
"I am uncomfortable with anything that leads to increased segregation."
While both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church have made plans to open free schools, the latter has said that it cannot open new state schools if half of their places must be reserved for students of other faiths.
Please note that these changes are not, in any way, terrible but it is the fact that controls on staff recruitment will be made in order to prevent 'proselytisation '.
I must add that when I was involved in management of a Christian School, we took in a very wide range of pupils - BUT THIS WAS OUR CHOICE.
Choice is one of the principal marks of a free and democratic society!

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