Tuesday, February 07, 2017

A NEW Common Market.

What Europe needs is a new Common Market based on: free trade; freedom from political interference; freedom from interfering bureaucrats; freedom from imperialistic adventurers; no one-size-fits-all solutions;  an absence of overweening international courts; no continent-wide governments - and definitely no Europe-wide currency.
Something based on the original EFTA model might perhaps be desirable. There would be no undemocratic decisions; no tyranny; no petty interference in domestic affairs; no absurdities.
Cooperation between nations would be used to build unity rather than the division fomented by the egregious European Union.
There would be no costs incurred as membership fees and no means by which political lunatics could impose leftist thought processes onto tens of millions of independent peoples.
Friendship would be the watchword between nations and the organisation would exist without diktats from the terminally self-important manipulators.
Any government would be free to trade with LEDCs and beyond without interference.
ALL nations would keep their independence.
A sensible requirement would be membership of NATO. 
Sorry. I do recognise the impossibility of all that common sense which us dreamers had entertained back in 1975.  All just a fleeting pipe dream, I suppose. Ah, well.

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