Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Disturbing Article - But Not For The Reasons Outlined Within It.

The starting point in the url below, whether openly stated or not, is that 'religion of all types is merely some form of social or mental aberration'.
Normal thinkers will always accept that 'Either all religions are wrong - or just one is right.' (Anything else leaves people holding totally illogical, conflicting views.)
This article, however, begins with the apparent assumption that 'religion is a thing with no relationship to the divine - as it is obvious to rational people that there can be no such thing'.
The arrogance of this stance is breathtaking.
I could give my testimony to the writer of this piece and she must conclude that I am either a liar or a nut job.
It would not take too long in conversation with me to reject the latter and so the former would need to be the conclusion.
My testimony is both long and broad and points so unarguably to there being a loving God - any unbeliever who is not open to logic will have to hunt, in full panic mode, for some alternative explanation.
They may not say it in as many words but would be forced to conclude, for their own peace of mind, that dishonesty on my part was rampant.
They would be wrong. 

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