Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ignorance Refuted.

Chris Schorah, Gascoigne Avenue, Leeds.

TWO recent letters (The Yorkshire Post, April 7) lecture the Church on its attitude largely, it would seem, from a position of ignorance about some of its beliefs.
Arthur Quarmby asserts that Muslims and Christians alike worship a creator God, but fails to realise that we understand His character and intentions very differently.
The revelation of God that Jesus brought is primarily one of a loving father who, in desiring a close relationship with us, seeks to transform us into more compassionate individuals.
This is not the predominant view in Islam or the one that some of its adherents practice.
In noting its numerical decline, Christopher Clay views the Church as a sort of failing entertainments venue in competition with other demands on our time. Far from it.
Jesus calls on Christians to follow Him and build sacrificial worshiping and caring communities.
By reminding us this Easter that John Cadbury practiced this and cautioning us not to trivialise Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, the Archbishop of York simply highlights how some commercial enterprises try to subvert almost anything to their own ends. Yorks Post.

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