Sunday, April 23, 2017

Let's Join NAFTA.

REVEALED: How Britain can WIPE OUT trade cost of leaving EU and be better off in ONE MOVE.

BRITAIN could wipe out any trade costs incurred from leaving the European Union on day one of Brexit and end up substantially better off in one fell swoop, a leading trade expert has revealed today.

Top financier David Coker told that Theresa May should ditch the Brussels single market and instead seek membership of the lucrative North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA). 
He said the increase in UK exports that would result from more trade with its three other members - the US, Canada and Mexico - could easily “wipe out” any deficit caused with Europe. 
Mr Coker, a former Vice President of Deutsche Bank and high ranking official at the global credit ratings agency Moody’s, made the remarks after a top Republican said Donald Trump was ready to seal a deal with the UK. 

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