Friday, April 28, 2017

Hungary: Nice One, Nigel.

It's time for Hungary to join the Brexit Club, Mr Orban!

Posted on April 26
Speaking today to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Brussels UKIP’s Nigel Farage called for the Hungarian people to have their own chance to regain their freedom and independence from the EU. He also complemented Orbán’s resistance to different European policies but slammed the outrageous level of interference the institutions are now showing in national politics
Nigel Farage MEP said: “You spoke today, and you behaved today, as the leader of a nation. But isn’t it becoming obvious that as a member of the European Union actually you are not a nation. No, you’re not the leader of a nation and these people will go on interfering in the lives of Hungarian people.
”Surely logic says its time you gave the Hungarian people a referendum on whether they stay part of the European Union or not. Who knows, you might come and join the Brexit club and then we could fight for a group of democratic states working together, trading together and put this nonsense behind us.”

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