Monday, May 15, 2017

Interesting Point BUT ...

However, this statement by Mr Allen is not exactly oozing with logic, is it?
The principal point is ignored. IF there be a God - as many of us know as empirical fact from our personal encounters with Him - then what He says, goes. This is unarguable.
Secondly, if this God exists, then, by what is claimed in the statement - Man is clearly gravely at odds with his own creator - a point Mr Allen seems unable to comprehend.
Thirdly, Mr Allen is arguing 'by outcome' - which is simply nonsensical.
Fourthly, it is evident that Mr Allen's numbers are just not accurate as it is, indeed, 100% of us actually in serious trouble with God and facing an eternal fate far worse than mere execution.
Fifthly, he takes the Old Testament out of context. If it is not taken as part of the biblical whole which includes love and salvation through leaning on God the Son - his statement is clearly nothing more than an excuse.
To conclude, Mr Allen's level of understanding starts from a base of disbelief which is multiplied by his inability to grasp that a Supreme Deity is supreme - and thus makes the rules!

Gove In 'Overkill' Mode?

Wood-burners and bonfire BAN on Britain’s homes as new pollution crackdown prepared.