Thursday, May 11, 2017

Judge Sean Morris? - I Like Him!

Yasmin Katir, 27, (pictured) put her head in her hands and exclaimed 'I'm going to jail? Oh my God' as she was led away from the dock. The mother-of-one, from Stockton, had pleaded with a judge to spare her jail after she admitted a string of driving offences. But Judge Sean Morris told Katir that being a mother did not give her a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' and that he needed to send a message to the public about dangerous driving. Jailing her for four months, he told Katir: 'Anyone who drives like a lunatic when there are blue lights behind must understand that they put life at risk. I'm not bothered about your life. I'm bothered about innocent lives and a policeman's life. You are so lucky that you are not here on a manslaughter charge.' Mail.

EIGHT Consecutive Sessions Lost By England At Lords.

I write as England plummet towards ignominious defeat - six down and 68 runs behind. This has been nothing less than a huge disgrace. Engl...