Thursday, May 11, 2017

THIS Judge Is Unfit For Office.

A hairdresser who was 'high as a kite' on cocaine when she smashed a champagne glass into a father's face in a completely unprovoked attack was today spared jail because she is pregnant.  
Becky Hulme, 25, missed Paul Pittuck's eye by millimetres when she rammed the glass into his face in the VIP area of the exclusive Faces Bar in Chelmsford, Essex.  
The victim - who was there for a festive celebration with his wife and the parents of a youth football team which he runs - was given 15 stitches above his right eye by paramedics who were called to the scene.   Hairdresser Becky Hulme smashed a champagne glass into Paul Pittuck's face in a completely unprovoked attack while 'high as a kite' on cocaine - but has been spared jail.  Although his sight was not affected, Mr Pittuck says he was so haunted by the attack that he now lives in fear of his safety, spending his life 'looking over his shoulder' in case 'somebody wants to hurt me or someone I love for no reason'.   The 42-year-old added in a victim impact statement that his confidence had been shattered and that his wife has had to undergo counselling to recover from what she witnessed.  Hulme admitted the attack at a previous hearing, but today claimed she had only 'reacted' when the victim made her feel 'uncomfortable' and came 'close' to her.  But the court heard the young woman was 'high as a kite' when she launched the attack and that the father-of-three was in 'no way to blame'.  Despite this, a judge at Chelmsford Crown Court today spared Hulme jail because of her age and because she is 17 weeks pregnant.  Hulme cried in the dock and gasped loudly when the judge told her she would walk free from court. She was ordered to complete 18 hours community service.   Mr Recorder Icah Peart QC said: 'I'm going to tell you straight away that I'm not going to sentence you to prison today. Mail.

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