Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Are We FINALLY Going To Sort This Out? - (Not If Liz Truss Is In Charge, I Fear!)

'Let's clear asylum backlog' Tough new rules to boot foreign crooks out FAST unveiled.

TOUGH action to speed up the removal of foreign crooks is being proposed today.

Appeals against deportation lodged by criminals from overseas would be dealt with by the courts within 28 days. 
The crackdown would also apply to asylum seekers who lose their claims to stay in Britain. 
The average time for the tribunal process is more than 65 days – with some cases even lasting 100 days. Justice Secretary Liz Truss, who is unveiling the plan today, said: “It is vital that foreign nationals who have no right to remain in the country should be removed as quickly as possible.” 
The ambitious proposals come after figures yesterday showed that the removal of failed asylum seekers has plunged to a record low.
The new system is intended to replace a previous fast-track system which was quashed in 2015 by a court ruling. 
It deemed the system was unlawful as it aimed to complete within 12 working days and was coupled with insufficient safeguards. 

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