Saturday, April 15, 2017

David Kurten AM On Grammar Schooling.

Grammar Schools need more than virtue signalling

Posted on April 13
DavidKurtenWeb.jpgUKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten AM said, "Despite her virtuous words of wanting to make sure that grammar schools cater to ‘ordinary families’, Education Secretary Justine Greening does not appear to have any coherent plan to ensure that this will happen.
"The best way to make sure that all ‘ordinary families’ have access to a grammar school is to roll them out over the whole country so that every town, city and borough has one and all children have the opportunity of a highly academic education if it suits them.
"There are only 164 grammar schools currently remaining in England. The government’s current plan is to deliver a few dozen new grammar schools through the free school system. This is not enough; the country needs hundreds more grammar schools distributed around the country and particularly in areas which don’t currently have one and where ‘ordinary families’ actually live.

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