Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Explained Simply.

Happy Easter weekend. But for those of you who are not Christian let me explain why this holiday is so important to people. No really. That’s all. I promise, this won’t hurt a bit.
Christians believe that God, the same God who created the sun and the moon and stars, the same God who, as we celebrate this Passover, loved his people so much that he freed them from the bondage of men, humbled himself to become a man himself and free all from the slavery of sin. So, no matter what you’ve done no matter what you’re doing you are forgiven and he loves you. This is what Christians believe.
Now some will point to his miracles as one sign of that love. But one of my Christian friends points to this event instead. That the same God that made the heavens and the earth got down on his knees and washed the feet of the very people he created. And then allowed himself to be beaten and crucified as payment for man’s transgressions to other men and God. And then in one final whack at destruction and death, Christians believe he rose from the dead.
Now, Christians know that some ... consider it simply superstition. Indeed, there is no reason behind this. You either believe or you don’t. But for those who do, it is a message of love and forgiveness that brings tears to the eyes of grown men and brings sinners to their knees in gratitude.
But Christians will tell you, the ones who truly hold this in their hearts, it changes their lives forever. It’s not just awesome … it’s awesomely awesome. Happy Easter. Thanks to: Jim Vicevitch.

Blogger: Surrender wholly to Jesus and you WILL know! I encountered Jesus at Easter 1973, it is truly life-changing - and in such a tremendous way.
Incidentally, my wife discovered this very same Jesus at the same time as I did, even though we were physically a thousand miles apart!

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