Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Anti-Nuclear Weapons Lobby.

The advocates of unilateral, nuclear disarmament must be staring pensively and uncomfortably into their morning porridge on this fine, chilly Easter Day.
It has been clear to anyone with half a brain cell that, once invented, nuclear bombs could never be uninvented!
Furthermore, the only time that they have ever been used in anger was by a nation which had them against a nation which did not.
The left - because, as ever, these are the usual suspects - have remained in denial, hiding behind their, broken, upside-down cross symbols and pretending that the facts above are irrelevant.
Apparently, these high-minded, noble individuals have no wish to see large chunks of the world being nuked. These worst of do-gooders may be rather shocked to learn that the more rational amongst us certainly do not want to see that either!
Indeed, I wonder how many of their number have paused for thought and have begun to feel somewhat relieved that the West possesses a nuclear response now that we can see the mindset of that utter loon who is in charge of North Korea.
MAD - (Mutually Assured Destruction) was as much a protection from Soviet sabre-rattling over decades as were the actual weapons themselves.
The danger was always going to come from a 'rogue state' - and I feel considerably more scared today than I ever did during the balanced face off during The Cold War.
Please pray the anti-terrorist prayer: "Lord, please destroy them or SAVE them but do not leave them exacting hurt, cruelty and damage on ordinary people."

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