Saturday, May 20, 2017

Persecution Runs Unabated In China.

A Christian man and woman were left with serious injuries after Chinese officials pushed them off a wall during a protest at their church.
The pair suffered spinal and neck injuries after falling several feet at Banling Church in Zhejiang province.
Please ask God to heal our brother and sister as they recover in hospital. Both were in a coma.
The two Christians were among a crowd of protesters who had assembled when about 100 officials from Wenzhou city arrived to install surveillance cameras. The authorities had ordered churches across the city to set up cameras on their premises voluntarily – or have them installed by force.
Banling congregation strongly objected to this proposal. As church members tried to resist the camera installation, some scaling a church wall, they clashed with officials.
One hospital refused to admit the injured man: he had to be taken for treatment at a second hospital in Wenzhou. Doctors attending to the woman failed to give her proper treatment until her family demanded that she be seen. Several other Christians required hospital treatment and one woman, named as Zhang Lingmei, was arrested.
Many churches within the Tengqiao area of Wenzhou city reportedly now have cameras installed, though others have successfully resisted such efforts. Release Int & China Aid.

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