Friday, May 19, 2017

Political Position Of Ukip.

Ukip Has Been Described as 'hard right' by The Guardian et al. WHY?
I have researched the most common features of 'right wing' and applied them to Ukip.
Imperialistic. No. Not in any fashion.
Nationalistic. Merely patriotic.
Centralised Government. No.
Anti-Immigration. No. Only anti-uncontrolled immigration.
Warmongering. Never. Opposes wars which do not concern us.
Ultra-Conservative. Wrong.
Racist. Constitutionally opposed to racism.
Favours ethnic 'purity'. Demonstrably false.
Pro-Common Man NOT Political Elites. TRUE.
Populist. TRUE. Ukip is ultra democratic.
Anti-Democracy. Utterly False.
Xenophobic. Manifestly false.

Ukip do NOT even vaguely meet the criteria of being a right wing party BUT are often accused of being so. WHY?
This is merely because it is a convenient but mendacious attempt by the liberal left to smear anything which threatens their toxic philosophy!

Gove In 'Overkill' Mode?

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